Thursday, July 29, 2010

Of New Toys and Pictures

Ok. So as you know, I got an iPhone. After years of having normal (read: "boring") phones I am having so much fun with my new "Smart" phone. I have even had to put it in my room and shut the door on a few occasions because I have been so distracted by it! Don't worry - Lucy has not suffered because of my new toy, I was having a hard time focusing on reading one day and just needed to put my phone in "time-out" for a little bit. lol... Anywho, because I have been having so much fun with it - I have kind of forgotten about our camera this past week. But have no fear! one of the perks of phones these days is that they all come with cameras built in - so I still have an abundance of pictures to share with you.

As some of you have noticed, I have been putting pictures on Facebook this last week too. Usually I just update the blog and figure that people on Facebook are smart enough to click on the link on my wall to see pictures I post here. It was just too much for me to update both Facebook and the blog. But now that I can upload photos straight from my phone to Facebook (seriously, no cords required. Simply. Wonderful.) all my online buddies get to see fresh (usually just moments old) pictures of Lucy more often.

Ok, enough chit chat... Here are the pictures I know you came to see. :)

I love them chubby cheeks! So pinchable!

"Seriously mom? you have your phone in my face again?!?! This is getting annoying."

Lucy was so cheerful on Sunday morning after I got her ready for church, I am convinced she was excited to go see friends. :)
(You can click on the picture to enlarge it)

Sunday afternoon - we went into her room and found her like this after her nap: Wide-Eyed.

Sometimes her mohawk makes its appearance - you can barely see it here because of the rest of her poofy hair, but it's there. :)

Brad enjoyed placing all of Lucy's stuffed animals in her crib - she enjoyed it too! If you haven't seen it yet, check out the cute video of her reaction here.

Lucy is almost grown out of all of her Newborn sized clothes - I am trying to get them on her one-last-time. She is growing way too fast.

Cloth Diapers! :) We ordered a few last week so that I could try out different brands, see the differences and make an educated decision as to which ones we wanted to go with. The winning diaper? Bum Genius 4.0 w/ Snaps. We are debating weather we want to go 100% cloth before the move or after.... most likely it is going to be after because of how stinkin' easy (though pricey) it is to use disposables.

So that you can see then extra, but surprisingly minimal, bulk that the cloth diaper adds to Lucy's cutie patutie booty... the above picture is with a normal disposable diaper.

And this one is with the cloth diaper. Sorry - I realize that the way she has her legs kinda makes them hard to compare... I didn't realize that til now.

I love this little skirt - it has a cute flip-flop t-shirt that matches it (I'm sure you'll see pictures of it eventually).

In other news:
  • We have a woman coming back for a second showing this weekend, and she is bringing her dad! We are praying she LOVES it and makes an offer.We have been really encouraged by the amount of "traffic" we have had, coming and going through our house, this week.
  • I am planning on starting the packing process next week. Let life surrounded by boxes begin! :)

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The Moody Newlyweds said...

Oh, I'm glad you are trying cloth diapers! We registered for FuzziBunz, but Lucy looks more secure in a BumGenius. Hmmm! Lots to think about!