Monday, November 15, 2010

Five Months Old

Time is flying by! Our Lulu is already 5 months old. I seriously can not believe it.

Lucy has cut TWO teeth since her last birthday - bottom middle two - and has also had her first cold (so pitiful :( and difficult for her mommy and daddy to observe). She has had some mommy-attachment that has lead to difficulty in the nursery on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, but I have been assured that it is a phase of life and it will pass. Misty reminded me that "It's nice to be wanted." so I'm trying to remember that as I leave her. :) Luce continues to find her voice and when she cries says "Mommom" - the jury is out as to whether or not she is calling for me (I say yes, Brad says no :) ) .

The dress she is wearing in the above pictures is her thanksgiving dress - I had so much fun making it! My mom and I started it when she was here visiting in October, I'm debating weather or not to make Lucy's Christmas dress too - we will see. :)


Somewhere Over The Rainbow said...

So in her "serious face" pose...she looks so perfect, she could be a doll.

Rach said...

Ok Sarah, she is SO SO SO cute. Seriously. I love the dress, the bow, EVERYTHING. Adorable!