Monday, November 15, 2010

Santa Fe!

Last week this song was on our minds:

(LOVE that movie!!! - Lucy will grow up with it. It has been decided.)

because we went away on a little family get-away. :) We left on Thursday morning at 6:30 and arrived in Santa Fe in time to eat at Maria's. A resturant that was recommended by friends here at church - we were not disappointed - Brad said his fajitas were the best he had EVER had. :) It was so good we went back for dinner on Friday! :)

We didn't have any agenda while we were there - and that lent to a relaxing few days together. We meandered in the art district, ate leisurely meals (amazing food!) and wandered around downtown Santa Fe. It was a great trip.

Brad had packed the tri-pod so we took some spontaneous family pictures. The landscape was too beautiful to pass up. It was a bit sunny - thus our squinty eyes.

Walking around downtown.

St. Frances Cathedral Basilica - it was beautiful...

...inside and out!

A street performer in downtown Santa Fe. His keyboard is on an ironing board - creative? I thought so. :)

Brad just had to try it out! :)

It was a bit chilly in Santa Fe - in the mid 40s, colder in the shade - and i was so thankful for Lucy's "bundle me." It fit inside her car seat and kept her nice and cozy warm. :) Little did I know that the first place we would use it would be in New Mexico!

Some other highlights/observations:
  • We got to visit Whole Foods (a grocery store we greatly miss) and bought some of our favorite cheese and crackers.
  • Santa Fe is a very dog-friendly town. People were encouraged to bring their dogs into clothing stores and almost every car that drove by us had a canine friend on board. (We left Sophie behind, but I think Brad will want to bring her next time we go.)
  • ALL the buildings are covered in Adobe - our hotel's shuttle driver informed us that it is a city code that all buildings be built in the Adobe style. It made the landscape cohesive and the atmosphere "New Mexican." I don't think I would want to live in an Adobe house because they don't have many windows - and I love natural light - but it was neat to see so many of them.
  • A non-highlight, Lulu got a cold at the end of the trip :( She had just cut two teeth the week before and I think that her immune system was weakened because of that.


Amy Kidder said...

I recognize the purple shirt Lucy is wearing in the family pictures! :) Looks like you guys had a fun time!

kaw said...

1. one of the best movies of all times
2. getaways are the best
3. super cute family pictures
4. again, you look amazing

Somewhere Over The Rainbow said...

Weird that I was about to post JUST like Kim did. But since she is my sister and I want to be like her..I will anyways.
1. LOVE newsies
2. Great family pictures, beautiful scenery
3. You are gorgeous!!!!!