Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Red Cup Day

A long lived tradition in Brad's group of college friends (which have become my dear friends as well - they graciously accepted me into the group :) ) is Red Cup Day. The day in which we celebrate Starbucks debuting their holiday cups.

Here is our family earlier today, unashamedly celebrating Red Cup Day, in Amarillo TX. (Yes, we set up the tripod in front of Starbucks - there are few things in life my husband is willing to look ridiculous for, coffee is one of them - so I rolled with it. :) )

And yes, we got Lucy a short coffee - she needed to celebrate this holiday with us!

She tasted it and kindly offered the rest to her daddy. :)

Brad has already asked me if it is possible to bronze a cup - I am thinking he wants to remember this day forever.

So do I.


kate said...

Love this!

Missing you 3 especially today.

kaw said...

We love the red cups too! And Sarah, you're looking particularly awesome in that picture!!!!!!!

christy said...

welcome to sbux, lucy.

Joel and Linsey Smoker said...

Love it - Soooo Brad, makes me smile!!! We miss you guys TONS. I really hope we can visit again sometime! :)