Thursday, May 24, 2012

Easter in San Antonio

Any excuse to see family is a good one. Especially if there is a wedding involved. Even more especially when the wedding is your sister's.

All four of us headed to San Antonio after church the Sunday before Easter - and made the 9 hr drive in record time! It was so great to be home for a few days before the wedding hubbub began to let the kids adjust and spend time with Grammy and Papa. :)

Lucy really enjoyed spending time with her little aunts!

 I love this picture, it is so thoughtful and makes her look so mature. :'{

 Michael enjoyed meeting his Auntie Anna for the first time...

 ...and Uncle Sam. (He is so good with kids! Made my heart happy to see him holding my son. :) )

 Getting to know Aunt Laura. 

 Reading books with Uncle Sam

 Spending time with momma during the little girl's (all three of them) quiet time/nap.

 He already has such a great sense of humor. :) 

 I love those bright brown eyes. So clear!

 My boys. 

 Lucy LOVED Grammy and Papa's back yard - there was a slide! 

 Lucy. Loves. Slides.

 My happy girl, "Again! Again!"

 Can I just bottle this age up? 

 Love the twisted tongue of concentration. :) 

 My littlest sister - isn't she a cutie?!

 My mom and me

 Dad and his youngest child and grandchild. :)

 My beautiful sister, Jana.

 The girlies at breakfast - mom/grammy made waffles!

 Enjoying Grammy's waffles!

 I remember doing this with my mom when I was a little girl - what a treat to witness her "helping" my daughter wash her hands. :) 

Michael and Aunt Becca - the bride!

Brad flew home to the panhandle on Friday, he needed to be back in Pampa for Easter Sunday - we missed him greatly at the wedding but were encouraged by God's clear presence in both Pampa and Kyle Texas on Easter.

 Mom and "us three" older girls. :) Wasn't Becca a most beautiful bride?

 The Addington/Kidder/McLean ladies :) 

 My sweet kiddos, Easter Sunday.

I didn't get many pictures of the wedding (NONE of the groom? Augh! Sorry Ian!) - but it was a beautiful ceremony, fun reception and all together God-glorifying day. (To see more wedding pictures, check out the photographer's blog here. Courtney did a great job!)

Thanks to the Linn family for watching my kiddos - you blessed me so greatly! I was able to participate wholeheartedly and not worry about where they were - Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The kids and I stayed through Monday and got to relax with the family a bit more before heading back to Pampa.
 Michael and his Aunt Laura

 They had so much fun together... 

 ...they wore each other out! :) 

 Lucy was sad to see Aunt Jana go. 

 But she had to fly back home to Minnesota. :( (Haha - Lucy just didn't want her picture taken... but I'll happily put a more "positive" spin on things.)

 Lucy and Grammy

 My sweet boy. 

I could kiss those toes all day! :) 

The kids and I drove home on Tuesday. I'm not going to lie, the thought of driving, alone, with the kids, for 9 hours was a little intimating. But I planned as best I could and told myself - "They are good travelers. And even if they do cry (a lot) they will fall asleep eventually... right?!?"

The drive couldn't have gone any better - I didn't even need to pull out Lucy's iPhone (Brad's old one that we have loaded up with her music, games and shows. It lives in airplane mode, no - my daughter doesn't have a data plan) to entertain her. We chatted, talked, laughed and had a great time. The 9 hours truly flew past - and if you've seen the drive through west Texas from San Antonio to Pampa, you'd wonder how that is possible. :) I was shocked at how beautiful the drive was - it was an extremely (compared to past years) rainy spring and everything was lush and green. The sky was bright blue, plus I had gotten the the new Cristy Nockels CD (HIGHLY recommended!) - it was the perfect sound track to the drive. :) Road tripping with a toddler and a nursing infant IS possible! I can attest to it's "doability!"

Did you have a good Easter? Any road trip stories you'd like to share? I'd love to hear all about them! :)

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