Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ellie's Ear

*First, let me apologize to my grown daughter Lucy. Sweetheart, I know the "outfit" you are wearing in the following pictures isn't worthy of being called an outfit. I shouldn't have tied your t-shirt with a hair tie. I'm sorry. I had no idea you were going to be so cute this day, and thought the shirt would be okay for you to wear for a day at home. Again, I'm sorry. XOXO - your Mom

Ok, now that that's out of the way we can move on....

There is a little girl named Lucy who has a stuffed elephant named Ellie. Lucy loves Ellie very much. She enjoys dressing Ellie, taking her for "walks" in the stroller, feeding Ellie and most of all, holding Ellie's ear close to her face. (For a sweet picture of this, check out this post)

One day, Lucy's daddy helped her make a special house for Ellie out of blocks!

 "Yeah! Ellie has a house!"

 "Uh oh, I can't find Ellie's ear!"

 "Maybe if I just dig around a little bit, I can find it?"

 "Wait, this is her hand! I'm looking for Ellie's ear!"

"There, that's better"

That's right, the little girl named Lucy found her elephant's ear and held it to her face despite the fact that Ellie was inside a "house."

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