Saturday, August 3, 2013

Baby 3 is a....


At my appointment this last Thursday (by the way I LOVE my new midwife!) I asked if there was anyone who could do a low-key, no frills, gender search, ultrasound for me. Brad and I had decided that if there was someone who could do it - we'd find out, but if not - we'd wait. :) It just so happens that a patient hadn't showed up for their appointment so I was able to see my SON!

Here he is! 26 wks 5 days. (Face, arm, abdomen)

We haven't decided on a name - we think we're close - but aren't 100% yet. :)

Lucy is excited to have another brother - she and I have decided we'll stick together and do girlie things just the two of us! :) Michael has no idea what's coming - but Brad and I think that it will be great for him to have a brother to rough and tumble with (in a year or two!). Brad's in a bit of shock - he was anticipating a girl (and he's been right for the first two!) - so working on adjusting his thinking (but he's super happy). :) I'm thrilled to know - I didn't have an inking ether way (mostly because I was scared of being wrong!) - and have begun prepping mentally for another son. :)

I've ordered fabric for the little guys quilt, pillow case and 1st-birthday banner and also some gauze and flannel for some swaddle blankets - I'm super excited to get started sewing! He'll use the boy crib sheets and crib skirt I made in preparation for Michael - and the crib vacant for him since we've transitioned Michael to a big-goy-bed already!

Here's the main "inspiration" fabric for his fun stuff:
I'll focus on the green and blue, and pull out red (and a bit of yellow) instead of orange (since Michael has orange in his stuff). I'm thinking it will coordinate w/ Michael's well but I'm excited to see it in person! :) 

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Anonymous said...

YAY!!! So excited for you!
Kristin Joy