Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Delightful Seams

Hi friends,

I just wanted to let you know, although most of you have probably seen it on Facebook and Twitter AND Instagram, that I've taken the plunge and opened an Etsy shop! :)

So far I'm selling table runners and banners but will soon add nursing covers and burp cloths to the "for sale" items. :) I hope to eventually sell swaddle blankets too! If there is anything in particular you'd like to see, let me know! I've added a link to the left hand side of the blog - you should see some pictures of current items I have for sale with a place to click below that will take you directly to the shop. Take a glance over there every now and then to see if anything catches your eye. :) 

I WELCOME custom orders and would love to work with you to find fabrics you love!* I'm working on collecting pictures of items I've made in the past so I can give examples of what I can make. I've received one custom order for baby bedding already and am anxiously awaiting on the fabric to arrive in the mail so I can get started! In the meantime I'm working away on MY baby's quilt - it's almost done - I'm hoping to get it done by Friday (when my 9lb package of fabric and supplies is due to arrive). :) 

*To place a custom order head over to the shop and click, "request a custom order" below my picture on the left-hand side - that will start a conversation between you and me so we can chat about what you are looking for. Once we agree on all the details (colors, fabrics, price and desired items) I'll create your order and we can get started! :)  

Thanks to all my friends who have shared the link to my site and said such nice things about the quality of my work - I SO appreciate your support!

A special thanks to my sweet husband Brad - who was the one to encourage me to take this step. I've been afraid to do this for a long time even though I've had the desire to. I'm afraid of being busy (aka. stressed) and taking on more than I can handle and Brad pointed out that if those things did happen it would mean that the Lord was blessing us with success and that's nothing to be afraid of. Thanks for believing in me Love and for encouraging me to take steps of faith, turning from fear.

Well friends, you now know where to go for things made-with-love for the beloved people and spaces in your life - I'd be honored to make something for YOU!

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