Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Go Tigers - Happy Birthday Grandma!

In celebration of Brad's mom's birthday the whole family loaded up in our mini van and we headed to Detroit for a baseball game! :) It was Lucy and Michael's first MLB game and my first Tiger's experience - so fun!!! 
 Lucy and I in the car, the kids and I were backseat buddies. :)

Walking to the stadium.

 I love that these two are such buddies. :) 

Tiger's Stadium aka Comerica Park

 Inside the park - of course there were tigers everywhere, this was very exciting for Michael who kept pointing and squealing/screaming (If you call it squealing it sounds much more pleasant). :) 

 Our view - we were in the shade the entire time, so nice! It was a beautiful day. 

 Many of you know, I LOVE the number 11 - for many reasons, it mostly just makes me happy - so I was thrilled when my seat held my favorite number. :)

 Isn't she adorable? These seats filled up, we had 5 seats for 5 adults and two toddlers - there were a few moments of frustration (mostly due to not wanting to bother others around us with fidgety kids) but the kiddos did SO well! Especially considering the game STARTED at the beginning of normal nap-time. :) 

 I've never seen this girl eat a hotdog (in it's bun) so fast! Apparently baseball makes her hungry! 

 Michael, probably pointing out a tiger - I think they were his favorite part of the whole day. :) 

 Grandpa, Michael and Brad - three generations of Kidder men! :) 

 Aren't we cute? Haha

 Talking to Grandma - she thought switching hats was fun. :) 

 Watching the game with Grandpa - it must have been a nail-biting moment. ;)

 After the game, walking back to the car - TIGER'S WIN! :) 
 These kids collapsed in the car and slept all the way home to Lansing. We grabbed dinner at a local restaurant we've come to enjoy - Leo's Lounge - and then headed out for dessert! :)

We ended the day in the perfect way - with Ice Cream from MSU's Dairy Store. Seriously, if you are ever in Lansing, this has to be a stop for you. Wonderful! Mom graduated from MSU, so it was fun to spend a bit of time on campus with her on her special day. :) (Michael loved trying everyone's ice cream - you can see him mid-steal above)

Thanks for having a birthday Grandma! We loved celebrate YOU in a most fun way! 

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