Sunday, November 3, 2013

Carving "Punkins"

One lovely fall day, Brad took the kids to pick out their "punkins" for our annual family pumpkin carving "event." (By event I mean: daddy carves them for us after we sketch our's how we roll) They came home with 4 large pumpkins and huge grins! :) 

Michael kept hugging the pumpkins - he LOVED them. :) 

All set up to help clean them out.

More hugs.

I have no words.... 

Lucy was so curious! She had been looking forward to the activity ever since she saw the first pumpkins of the season at the grocery store!

More curiosity - he looks so cute in an apron, don't you agree? 

When Brad started scooping out the "guts" Lucy's demeanor completely changed - she wasn't so excited anymore... more timid and unsure. 

Michael tried to help, but hates having dirty hands.... 

Getting some reassurance from Daddy. 

Being brave and trying it out! 

Ha! I love her face, she wasn't too ecstatic about the textile experience, but she tried it out and did something she was uncomfortable with - I was proud of her. :) 

Later that weekend (we did some unexpected oven shopping for/with Great Grandma Kidder that afternoon) Brad carved faces into pumpkins for us (he's the expert carver in our house!). Here they are!
Mamma's Pumpkin :) 

Lucy was set on her pumpkin having "heart shaped eyes and teeth" :) 

Brad's pumpkin

Michael's - the grin on his might make it my favorite one. He wasn't too interested in the design, so I got to choose for him. :) 

Happy Fall from the Kidder's house to yours! :) 

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Rachel Addington said...

oh my goodness Bradley with the knife...that one's a framer, maybe up on the collage above the changing table? that'd be nice right?