Friday, November 29, 2013

Of Visitors and Visiting

Gordon's first week was full of hugs and cuddles from those who love him, both from extended family and friends. 

On Monday, Brad's dad, Grandpa Wayne came with Lucy and Michael to meet Gordon in the hospital:
He had come to our house to watch the kids when we left for the hospital (the first time) on Sunday night. 

Grandpa kept the kids the rest of the day and through the night as we rested at the hospital. The kids had a ton of fun and we SO appreciated his help.

One of our pastors and his wife, Noel and Grace, came to visit us on Monday evening in the hospital. I don't have any pictures of their visit but it was so fun to hang out with them for an hour or so. 

On Tuesday, we came home and relieved Grandpa of kid-duity. He went home to work for the afternoon but he and Grandma came back that evening AND they brought us an amazing dinner!
Meeting Grandma Lori

Thursday afternoon our friends the Luthey's came to visit and meet Gordon.
Amanda and Kaiyah

Selah and Ben 

A bit later, Brad and the older kids got home from Detroit with my mom, Grammy! 
Grammy Jo meeting her Gordon :) 

The kids listening intently as Grammy read them new books after dinner. :) What a treat to have her in our Lansing house!! 

On Friday, Amy and our friend Kaleigh came to visit us after work.
Auntie Amy

On Saturday we went to Hastings to show my mom where Brad grew up and to introduce Gordon to the Great-Grandmas. :)
Great Grandma Buning 

Aunt Kris

Brad's cousin, Hanna

Grammy Jo at Grandma Lori and Grandpa Wayne's - Lucy and I counted at one point together: 1, 2, 3, 4 Grandmas all in the same room! What a treat. :) 

Great Grandma Kidder

Gordon Charles is named after Grandma Kidder's late husband, Charles Wellington Kidder. Grandma was thrilled to meet her great grandson and teared up at one point, saying how happy she was that we had named him after Grandpa. :) 

My mom was able to spend a week with us! It was so very helpful to have her around. Lucy and Michael LOVE her and it was fun for me to see mom spend time with them in person (and not over Skype!). She got to see their eccentricities, the good and bad (with a little ugly too!) and got a glimpse of what our lives look like on a day to day basis. We took a trip to the library, got to show her our favorite grocery shop, took her to our favorite lunch restaurant and took advantage of free babysitting on my birthday! :) 

Mom asked how she could be a help to me and took care of everything on my list and more - when we drove her back to the airport on Thursday all my laundry was done (washed, dried AND put away!), the floors in my house freshly vacuumed and my bathroom was clean. She set me up for success and for the next week I was able to take it easy as I figured out what our new normal was going to look like. Thanks mom! It was such a help and delight to have you!

And thanks to all our friends and family who loved us well during our first weeks with Gordon! 

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