Thursday, February 17, 2011

Becca's Visit

We were so honored/ecstatic that my sister Becca came to visit us on her way to Fort Lee, Virginia. We had a great time. We did a lot of ....


Obviously this isn't us - but it sums the idea up rather well. My blond sister came to visit me and we talked a lot. :) Please know that I really do wear an apron when ironing. :)

We also had some Skype conversations with Jana (in Minnesota) and the rest of the family (in San Antonio) - it is crazy how technology can make the distance between us feel smaller.


Lucy loved having her Aunt Becca here. :) They got along great.


Becca let it slip that she was thinking of starting a blog - and that was the end of the thinking. :) We had so much fun being creative and getting her all set up to share her mind. :) Check out Becca's blog - Brains, Brawn and Glory - and see what she's up to. It's pretty exciting.


I had never been to any of the thrift stores in Pampa (SHOCKER!), so we decided to go exploring when Becca was here. We discovered a really fun shop, Trash to Treasure, or Trash and Treasure, I forget. :) We spent an hour and a half perusing the store, I think Brad made it around the whole thing three times - hahaha - thanks for being patient with us babe! Lucy was in the Bejorn and did GREAT, she loved it - we are starting the thrift store obsession early. :) I didn't get to take pictures of Becca's purchases, but here are my finds:

A pretty bowl - that can be customized with ribbon to match any occasion. :)

A sturdy little stool.

A work basket - I have been looking for one of these for a long time, ever since I saw one at Elise's house in Chicago! Now I have a place to stash my current project... speaking of which, I need to start one. :)


On the right hand side of this picture, you can see The Game. It wouldn't be a complete visit with anyone from my family without a game of Settlers. I am happy to announce that I won 2 out of the 4 games we played. Ending my loosing streak (which has lasted a LONG time).

Becca, it was such a joy having you in our home. Thank you for taking the time to visit us - we hope to see you again soon. We pray that God uses you to share His glory wherever He takes you. We love you!

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