Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Much Ado About... Windows

May I remind you how we started the weekend? I posted about a vote for curtains and shared a picture (I am truly embarrassed of) with you.

You can't get more red-neck than this! Ew...

So I set off on a mission, rid my sweet daughters room of the not-so-sweet window coverings. This mission started about two weeks ago (I am ashamed to admit) and after three, maybe four, trips to Wal-Mart - I gave up on the blinds that Pampa had to offer. The hardware store didn't stock blinds and the ones from Wal-Mart did not fit right. So I awaited a trip to Amarillo - for the next time we were close to a Lowes or Home Depot.

Yesterday we went to Lowes - and let me tell you! Don't ever buy blinds from Wal-Mart! They are same price at Lowes and can be custom cut for you!!! I almost gave the lady at Lowes a hug - I was so excited! :) (I am pretty sure they have blinds similar to the ones we got at Home Depot too) Plus the blinds "run smoother" (if that makes sense) and are a nicer shade of white than the other (Wal-Mart) blinds in the rest of the house.

(I am not meaning to bash Wal-Mart here - I love the store! Just not their blinds...)

A special Thanks to my sweet hubby for helping me hang the new blinds, I am not strong enough to drill in screws without first drilling a hole (taking 2x as long). This is what Lucy's room looks like now:

Seriously - why didn't I do this sooner? I can't believe how much bigger her room feels!

Pretty much - I love it. :)

Ok - but now on to the votes! I know you have been wondering and wondering about this...

A special thanks to all who voted! I really appreciate your thoughts and input! The results are so close! There were a total of 25 votes submitted!

Option 1 received: 9 votes

Option 2 received: 6 votes

Option 3 received: 10 votes

That means the winner is: Option 3, the "swagged" valance!

The fabric did come in the mail - on Saturday - so I am anxious to get started on the curtains! But, this project will have to wait until next week because we are going to Dallas for a family-get-away/vacation! :) We leave this Thursday morning and will come home on Monday - we are so excited!! :)

I will keep you updated on the progress of the curtains! This was fun - thanks for participating in the voting!

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You take such good pics Sarah