Friday, February 18, 2011

Vote for Curtians

I have three yards of this on it's way:

And do you know what that means? I need to decide what kind of curtains to put up in Lucy's room. I know I want something simple with few (if any) ruffles and I need something that is simple to make. I have come up with three different options and I like them all. So I need YOU to vote.

Here is a refresher on what the windows look like (Please note, we are planning on removing the red-neck window coverings on Saturday and replacing them with more attractive blinds.):

A few notes on the fabric/curtains:
  • If you click on the fabric image and you can see a ruler along the bottom that will give you an idea of how big the dots are - they are a pretty good size.
  • The fabric is Dream Dot Celery, by Heather Baily
  • How did I choose it? Well, it is one of the fabrics that is in Lucy's quilt that I made her and it goes really well with her gray walls, the white is very crisp and I thought it would add a fun aspect to her room. Plus I love polka dots. :)
  • I am planning on hanging the valances higher and a bit wider (3-5in) than the windows, to make them appear larger. :) I am thinking they will be 15ish inches tall - but I won't know for sure until I decide on a valance.
Ok - Option time. :) (Reading the following in a The-Price-is-Right-Bob-Barker voice is encouraged, but not required.)

Option 1 is a straight valance with ric-rac on the edges. I am thinking pink ric-rac, but green might work too. Lucy's crib skirt has ric-rac on it - applied in the same fashion as pictured above, so this option would closely mimic something that we already have.

Option 2 is a pleated valance. I don't know what it is, but the pleats are calling me, "Sarah! You know you love us. Aren't we classy?" I would not add a separate fabric behind the pleat, like the picture on the right. This option is super easy - I can glue it. I like the idea of maybe adding buttons to the finished valance, I like to think of them as curtain jewelry. :)

Option 3 is a valance "pulled up" with a ribbon. I don't see a need for the fabric to drop down - plus it looks putzy - so the ribbon would be affixed to the curtain. The ribbon would be pink or green - I thought about doing big ric-rac - you know the chunky stuff? But I don't know if that would look kooky. What do you think?

So that is it. Go ahead and vote for your favorite option. You can do so by:
  1. Commenting on this blog - it's easy! just click "Comments" below (to the right of the time posted) and leave your comment. If you don't have an ID you can post anonymously - but only one vote per person please.
  2. Comment on the Facebook link to this post (it should be on my profile as a status update)
  3. E-mail me your vote.
You have until Sunday evening at 6 pm to vote. :)

**The author reserves the right to use discretion in adding the following, without consulting the voters.


njina said...

HELLO THERE,MUCH FUN AND PLEASURE FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG. My vote is no 3 as most shapes in the room are square and I think I would like to see some softness to add more interest- as for the buttons=perhaps a cork board edged in rickrack with buttoms mounted on the largest rickrack. Love your house.Love your daughter..Adorable....Love Nina

Courtney Moore said...

I vote for Number 1 :) I think the ric rac on the curtain and on the bedding will be cute. I know whatever you do will be adorable though!

Cindy Brock said...

I vote for #3! The fabric is AdOrAbLe!!

kaw said...

i vote #2. love pleats. period.

ps. had a great time w/ becca last night.

Amy Kidder said...

#1 :)

Somewhere Over The Rainbow said...

My vote goes in this order: #3, #2, #1. :) I love #3 though!!

Linsey Smoker said...

I vote number 1

Linsey Smoker said...

Sadie says she thinks Lucy should have #1 as well :)

kate said...

#3 is my big time fav. super sweet & feminine.

Lori said...

# 2, with ric rac and buttons

Matt and Amy said...

Hmm. This is tough. As soon as I saw #2 I loved it but then scrolled down to #3 and really like that one too. I think I'm going to say #3. I think I like it because its classic and a little more sophisticated. I would probably choose #3 for my own nursery. However, if you go with #2 I also think its classic, just a little more casual which isn't a bad thing!

Kaleigh Borrink said...

Option one! For sure!

bja said...

numero uno! :)

Drew and Rachel said...

Hi Sarah,

Can I get in on the voting?

Although #1 and #2 are unique, I like #3 best because it is softer. It seems like there are already a lot of boxy shapes and hard lines in Lucy's room -- the dresser, cubby shelf, crib, door and window frames -- I think the space would feel pleasant with the softness of #3, albeit it is not as unique as the others.