Friday, February 18, 2011

Fixin' Up Friday: Garage

We can now park our car in the garage!!! :) Thanks to a few hours of work on Tuesday and about an hour yesterday and a bunch of teamwork, our garage now looks like this:

The garage is complete with a music system - providing a musical serenade to productive activities. :) I bought those two round green bins at Wal-Mart for $6 each! They hold the animal's food - we are going to get two more, one for bird seed (another animal that is welcome at the Kidder Castle - outside though....) and one for charcoal (to keep it dry in the back yard).

Our refrigerator isn't working right now. Sears has been called and notified of the situation. The black shelves on the back wall were serving as our refrigerator as we had frigid temperatures last week. But this week, we had to bring our frige were using at Church over to serve as a cold zone. The shelf on the left will move eventually and all three green bins (that hold animal food) will go in that spot.

Organization = Happy Sarah
(And this is an area of the house that Brad is in 100% support of organization!)

Note the Michigan flag hanging on the wall - it makes Brad happy, thus making me happy too. :) We sang the Michigan fight song while hanging it - Lucy loved it. :)

And we couldn't park a dirty car in a clean garage right? That would be a shame!! Thanks to beautiful 73 degree weather - Brad got to wash our car AT HOME!! (That was impossible in our past homes. :) )

A clean car, in a clean garage. That's a nice combination - if you ask me. :)

(I am very sorry. I was a bad blogger and didn't take before pictures. Just imagine two big washer/drier boxes full of moving trash and Christmas boxes galore - they have been moved to the attic now. :) I have asked Brad to help me remember, before we beginning future projects, to document the "before".)

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