Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Family Christmas Pictures

FYI, Getting a good picture of two children (together) is extremely difficult. :)

We tried distracting with bows... 

...but Michael wasn't a big fan. 

 Lucy, however loves bows and was all too happy to wear it herself. :) 

This picture might be my favorite - It sums up the first two weeks of Michael's life perfectly. Lucy had a TON of energy (more than usual, it seemed) and Michael slept (not all the time, but a lot). :)

 The last attempt at a non-blurry, two-kid picture.... Not successful. 

I took about 30 pictures total, and I had to delete 2/3rds of them because of Miss Wiggle-Worm :)

Moving on to individual pictures...
 9 days old, sweet and still.

 18 months 10 days old, sweet and spirited (read: not-still)

 Our family of four!

And two seconds later....

I was so focused on getting Lucy into bed, the family pictures were taken after the Christmas eve service and it was late, I didn't even think about taking an extended family picture! Augh! Thankfully Grandma and Grandpa had the clarity of mind to get a picture with Michael.

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