Friday, January 20, 2012

Two Weeks

As I was getting ready to upload the pictures for this post, I looked up Lucy at 2 weeks and couldn't believe 1) How I feel the same way about Michael now as I felt about Lu then - He is real, and I know he is here to stay... but it just feels so surreal. We waited for him for (what seemed like) eons and already he has been with us for (what seems like) forever! And 2) how similar but distinct they are from each other, when compared at the same age. They both have their daddy's hair line, but Lucy has 3-4 times as much hair as Michael. They both look distinct in that Lucy was so feminine and Michael is all boy. Haha and they both have jowls! :) What similarities or distinctives do you see?


Drew and Rachel said...

don't you think that Michael is a bit fairer, with more Brad looks, and Lucy darker, with more Sarah looks?

Sarah said...

Rachel, I think you're right!! That is a great discription.