Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our 2011 Gingerbread House

I love to give/receive gifts that lend to family traditions and memory-making, so it is no surprise that one of my favorite wedding gifts was a Pampered Chef Gingerbread House mold from my Aunt Joy and Uncle Jason.

This was the second year that my sister-in-law, Amy, and I have decorated a gingerbread house together but the first year that Lucy got to participate.

The royal icing was a bit "runnier" than it was supposed to be (due to my impatience) so we had to wait a few hours for it to harden (better safe than sorry when doing an activity with an 18 month old). 

Oh, and I learned my lesson last year after spending too much time scraping petrified sugar off of my cutting board - I decided to cover it with foil this year. It made clean up super easy and provided an "icy" foundation for our house.

 All set up and ready to begin!

 Lucy sat on a stool so well and really enjoyed decorating with eating the candy.

 The three of us had a great time, made a memory and continued a tradition. Lucy consumed more sugar than she ever has before and took a great nap after working so hard on the house. :) 

~Our 2011 Gingerbread House~


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