Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aunt Jana's Visit

"Aunt Jana" came to Pampa for a visit at the end of the summer - what a fun few days! Apparently I was having so much fun I wasn't very good at taking pictures. But Jana captured some great ones with her phone, and thanks to Instagram and Facebook I was able to download my favorites. :)

ALL OF US! (This is rare!) I love that Lucy's just "Peeking" into the picture. :) 

Michael found a buddy! And easily smiled himself into Aunt Jana's heart. :) 

Brad's amazing Risotto - a definite highlight. :) (Learn how to make it yourself here!)

Playing around with Jana's photography website one evening. :) 

What a blessing to have family members who love your kiddos. :)

Lucy got a treat in Amarillo, because her daddy loves her. :) 

Jana loved how Michael smiled for the camera every time she pulled it out. :) 

Lucy's face cracks me up! I think I asked her to show me her teeth (Sometimes that prompting produces a nice smile and not a "growl" face) :) 

Thanks Jana for coming to visit! We really really enjoyed having you! You are always welcome to come cuddle our kids and spend time with us. :) We love you!!!

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