Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nine Months

9 Month Accomplishments
  • Army Crawling, Michael has perfected his method and is quite a fast little crawler!
  • Clapping/Waving on his own! It surprises people when Michael waves "Hi" or "Bye" to them without being prompted - it's pretty cute to see him crawl around the corner, see you and then wave "hi!" :) 
  • "Pinching" foods to pick up and eat. Michael has gotten so much better at his fine motor pinching abilities in this past month. Cheerios are a definite FAVORITE but he also picks up peas and chicken pieces. It's been great as he begins to eat more table foods because it's one less thing for this mamma to think about. He also likes Kix, Chex and the crust of bread. :)
  • Michael says, "Ai Dad" which we translate as "Hi Dad!" ;) No matter what I try he won't say "Mama" though…. Oh well - we will keep trying!
  • He LOVES his sister and often watches her play. He likes to be close to her as she plays, which has made for some interesting situations but Lucy is learning to be kind and gentle (slowly!). :) 
  • Making people laugh, if you laugh at something Michael does he catches on to the fact that his action was humorous and he attempts to duplicate the results. :) This has made for some really fun dinner time family interactions. 

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