Friday, October 26, 2012

Lucy's First Hair Cut

Our daughter was born with a lot of hair. And unlike most babies, she didn't loose any of it! She didn't even get a bald spot on the back of her head! 

 LOTS of dark dark hair!

 This is one of my top 10 favorite pictures. 

I called her my little hedgehog - ahh so cute! 

Other than a bang trims, Lucy had never had a hair cut - her locks were lllooonnngg. 

Her hair has lightened up a ton! 

It was shorter near the front of her face, mostly due to some breakage when Lucy went through a pull-out-my-hair-things phase. 

It went all the way down to the middle of her back!

 It was time to get it cut and even it out... but this mamma and daddy were really apprehensive about taking this step. It was sad, we felt like this was one more step into "big girl" territory and WE weren't ready. :( BUT we knew it would grow better and be more healthy if we trimmed off the ends and evened it up a bit. So we made an appointment.

 She was so squirmy, but I came prepared with the iPad (loaded with the newly purchased Lady and the Tramp) and pretzel M&Ms - lesson learned: bring colorless candy next time. :-/ 

 After! She got about 5 inches cut off! But I was glad we got to keep a lot of her length - I had prepared myself for the beautician to suggest that we cut it all off to chin length, but was so happy she was able to work with it! :)

 We got Lucy a few headbands to celebrate the event! She doesn't wear them very often, but they were a fun treat. :)

I scooped up a bit of hair to put in her baby book - it makes me feel pretty sappy when I look at it. :) 

They grow up so fast.... What's the next big-girl transition we need to prepare ourselves for?

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