Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kidder Kid Conversations

Lucy, after dropping a breadstick on the floor and retrieving it, "Haha, sorry Baxter. Maybe another day you can have one of these!" 

As I was listening to the song "Oh Church Arise" Lucy came in and asked, "Why do we need to change out our eyes?"

Lucy: "See my wand? I can do magic spelling!"

B: "Why did we choose to have a cross shape in with our Christmas cookies?"
L: "Jesus died in the cross"
B: "Why did he die?"
L: "To take away our sins"
B: "What are our sins?"
L: "Disobedience."
B: "What else is a sin?"
L: "Consequences."
B: "Well, consequences are things we deserve after we sin. What are some other ways we sin? 
L: "Hitting our brother." 

Overheard Lucy singing, "I stand alone on the word of God E.I.E.I.O BIBLE!!!" 

I stopped reading the story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea and asked Lucy how she thought God was going to save them - pharaoh and his army behind and a huge sea in front of them - she answered, "God won't let them die!" I asked "What is he going to do to keep them safe?" "God will send boats so they can cross the sea!" :) 

The kids were playing doctor and Lucy was administering a shot:
L: Close your eyes for me. Think of something happy. What are you thinking of? Are you thinking of Grammy? 
M: Yeah

Trying to convince Michael to finish his dinner,
B: "Can you take a football bite Michael?"
M: "Yeah....[takes bite] TU DUN!!!!!!" (Touchdown!) 

Lucy’s song: "I would like a home eventually, I would like a home eventually.... inside a deep blue sea.... With some blue birds, and another blue and some purple toys. And some pink elephants, to be a buddy for your children. For your girl, your big girl's buddy." 

Lucy, excitedly running by me: "I have to go get my baby a hat because daddy showed me something crazy! He threw the water in the air and it turned into snow! It was magic!"

Lucy wanted to give Gordon a piece of candy, and was told he is too little. 
L: "Can we save it for him for when he's bigger?"
B: "No sweetie, it will spoil and go bad."
L: "Well how about this? We put it in the refrigerator!" 

I was brushing my hair in the bathroom, looking in the mirror and Lucy says, on her way out the door, "On your busiest day, you see the gray. (She must have overheard the hair commercial… but her timing was hilarious!) 

Asking a question about her new cereal, Lucy: "Mommy, is that man on the box named Lucky Charles?"

Lu, when looking at the 10 day forcast with Brad and discussing the weather for the day, "Can you show me where summer is? (Winter was long for us

Michael's rendition of Twinkle Twinkle: "Tickle tickle tar, uh ta ta ta da da da, up da da da da da high," 

Lucy: "Mommy, when I'm older how will I get kids from Jesus? 

M: knock knock
Anyone: who’s there?
M: Mickey Mouse
Anyone: Mickey Mouse who?

L: Mommy can you pray that God will give me 4 children?

L: What that?
B: It's an iPass
L: What's - an iPass?
B: It pays so you can drive on roads that cost money. 
L: Is that like an iPad?
B: No, but they start with the same few letters. 

B: You don't always have to tell everyone what to do ok? 
L: Ok...
B: I know how that feels. 
L: It feels happy. 
B: For you...

Michael, talking on his hand-phone: "Hi babe, hi Brad.... Yeah"

Lucy: "Michael did you know that when you spit, your mouth toots?"

(Bringing me a Playmobil book)
Michael: "How open this?"
Sarah: "That's not one that opens buddy."
Michael: "Need screw driver open it?" 
Sarah: "Buddy, it doesn't open."
Michael: "Hammer open it?" 

L: "Tomorrow will be another head."
S: "What"
L: "Tomorrow will be another head!"
S: "I don't understand what you are saying Lu."
L: "I'm saying, like, tomorrow is a head." 
S: "Oh!! Ahead!"

S: Those are Cranes!
M: Crayons?
S: No cranes. 
M: Oh, markers?
S: No, Cranes!
M: Oh! Birds?
S: Yes. Birds. 

B: "Lucy, I'll help you with your phone later." 
L (exasperated): "I'm 4 years old, I should be able to figure it out!"

(While playing restaurant) 
Lu: what do you want to eat sir?
M: hamster
Lu: that comes with fish
M: yuck 
Lu: mommy! How do you spell hamster with fish?

B: Michael, when did you get so big?
M: 15 minutes! 

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