Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Michael's 2nd Birthday

Michael's second birthday was a lot of fun - low key, full of family and smiles from the birthday boy. 

The day before his birthday, we went to get balloons for decoration - to say Michael was thrilled would be an understatement... he was ecstatic (and his hair full of static - haha - winter in Michigan left my kid's hair so crazy - until someone told me about leave-in conditioner solving all our problems).  If all we did for Michael's birthday was buy him balloons he would have been a content kid, but there was more to come. :) 

The sleepy eyed but happy birthday boy. 

Grandma Lori, Grandpa Wayne, Aunt Amy, Great Grandma Buning and Great Grandma Kidder joined us for a lunch of Mac and Cheese (Michael's favorite), green beans, salad and fresh bread. 

Michael choose to have BOTH Moose and Football cupcakes :) well... maybe I decided, but only after he kept changing his mind about what he wanted! I showed him the picture below before Gordon was born and asked him what he wanted, he chose the Moose, but then later he told me he wanted "fooba." No consistent answer was ever given, so I just chose to do both. :) 
I don't have pictures of the moose cupcakes or detailed pictures of the football ones (silly hard drive) - but here are my inspiration pictures, found on Pinterest. The moose ones turned out super cute, the football ones... looked a little strange, but Michael didn't care. :) 

Michael received so many fun toys and books. It was a great birthday for our sweet boy. A new fire truck, books, puzzles and clothes from Michigan family and a trampoline from Grammy, Papa and Uncle Sam - hurray! A great way to get wiggles out during our first Michigan winter. 

(little did we know what Michigan's Winter was going to bring us...)

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