Friday, October 3, 2014

Long time no see!

Hi friends,

It's been a long time! What? Like 7 months? No wait... it's been 10....

So, a few things have kept me from posting.

First, life. Other tasks have risen to the top of the list of priorities and have been a little more pressing to complete (aka: laundry, feeing my kids and staying sane). Though, I have missed writing in this space.

Second, our hard drive crashed. The one with ALL our pictures/videos on it. We hope (really really hope) it can be fixed but we've chosen to wait for a bit to try (mostly because of $... being wise responsible adults is hard).  I only lost-lost 2 months worth of pictures (Decemberish-Early February) - really, it was everything from the past 6 years. BUT thankfully, I still have these records that are on the blog and had the past 9 months still on the camera card. Thanks to the technology we have at our finger tips - I have picture/video records of Michael's 2nd Birthday and Christmas. Gordon's 2 Month pictures will have to wait :'( :'( I'm choosing to look on the positive side of this and not be too sad about what is lost and hoping that the documents on our hard drive are salvageable.

So it's been a combination of life's activity and sadness that has kept me away. But I'm back with a goal to get you updated on Gordon's first year before his 1st birthday (Haha - we'll see if that happens!). And because I'm a crazy person and like to go in order, I'll update you on the other big happenings of the past 10 months too. :)

But let's smile at the new blog header - it includes Gordon now! And get this marathon started! :)

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Rachel Addington said...

hi Sarah, I'm glad to read your writing again. Very sorry to hear about the months of lost pictures. I would grieve over that too. During those months, your children were nurtured and well-loved. The unseen things being built into your kids are of greatest significance.
Love you, hope you can get that thing fixed; Admire and commend you for having the self-control to wait until it's financially the right time. And...see you soon!