Friday, October 24, 2014

Our First ER Visit

**Warning, there are some "injured finger" pictures below... just wanted to give you a heads up!**

If you would have told me that my first trip, as a mom, to the ER would have been with my daughter and not one of my sons - I would have thought you were crazy. Lucy has always had a healthy level of independence tempered by caution. And the boys... well they are boys and have tended, so far, to jump before they look. 

But one Thursday, in March, we were at Bible Study and there was an accident during a friendly game of Hide and Seek. Lucy's left pinky finger got pinched in a door. After a few of us mom's looked at it, we decided I needed to take her to the ER. By the time I got downstairs with Lucy, my sweet friends had Gordon strapped in his car seat already and my diaper bag packed for me to grab on the way out - one friend even slid my phone in my back pocket! Knowing Michael was in good hands (one friend volunteered to watch him), I took Lu to the ER. While driving there, I called Brad - after I let him know what was going on and he said he'd stop by home on the way to the hospital to pick up Ellie. (Such a good daddy!)

At this point, Lucy was crying, but as long as she couldn't see her finger she wasn't freaking out. 

We pulled up to the ER, and I loaded Lu and Gordon into the stroller. We were directed to the pediatric ER and were brought to a room almost immediately. Overall, I was thrilled with the hospital staff - the nurses and doctor we interacted with were sweet and gentle toward Lucy, clear with us and upbeat in their demeanor. After an x-ray we confirmed that Lucy did have a fractured finger, and needed multiple stitches. 

I was SO thankful that Lucy has been OBSESSED with anything and everything hospital/doctor/nurses related for the months before this. Doc McStuffins, "Curious George Visits the Hospital," Dr pretend play and dress up - it had been the topic of conversation and the fuel to imaginative play for months. Because of this, I had a reference point with which to explain to her what was happening, what was going to happen and reassurance that she was going to be ok. 

Watching Disney Jr (this pediatric ER was amazing) while waiting to go get an X-ray.

Gordon did an amazing job, he fell asleep soon after we got to the hospital (even though it was time for him to eat - an answer to prayer!) so I was able to focus on Lucy until Brad arrived. He smiled at hospital staff and hung out in his car seat for 3 hours while we were at the hospital (with one break to eat). What a sweet and sensitive little brother already! :)

We picked up Michael on the way home and all took naps that afternoon. I don't think I've been that tired since labor and delivery. The adrenaline wore off and I was exhausted emotionally and physically.

Lu got many care packages and letters from friends and family in the next few days, including flowers from her daddy and this Playmobil hospital from Grandma Lori and Grandpa Wayne. (Notice her bandaged finger - buddy taped to her ring finger. They don't make splints tiny enough for her little finger! FYI: Lucy and Michael were playing "Beach" when the mail man dropped of her package - that's why they're both dressed in their swim suits ha!) 

For those who are interested! Here are some pictures of Lu's finger:

She did end up loosing her nail, but it grew back just fine (that process took 6 months!). But she healed up really well with no complications! I'm so thankful for modern medicine and a God who lovingly prepares us for difficult situations in ways we don't even realize and gives us strength in the midst of stressful times. 

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