Wednesday, June 6, 2012

4 Months Old

4 Month Accomplishments:
  • Turning Over! Both ways! Look out world! Michael is a-coming!
  • Thumb lover. Michael has found his thumb! He only sucks on it when he is going to sleep or is really tired - it is a rare treat for us to witness him with his thumb in his mouth. But it is SO cute. It melts his mamma's heart to see it. 
  • Big Boy Crib. Michael made an upgrade in his bed this month too! He is sleeping in the crib now that Lucy has vacated it for her big girl bed. 
  • Supporting his weight. It took him a bit longer than his peers, but Michael can support his own weight (with an adult's help with balance of course!) and stand up! 
  • First Baby Sitter. Michael stayed with Jim and Carol, a couple from church, while mamma and daddy when out on a much needed date. He did well! 
  • Baseball. Michael is a boy after his Grandpa Kidder's heart - he already loves baseball and will watch it for extended periods of time, if given the opportunity. He doesn't like Sesame Street, but he will gladly watch the Tigers!
To see Lucy at 4 Months, Click Here.

*Yes, I'm two months behind on updating the blog.... but I've been taking pictures and have lots to update! I'm hoping to catch up soon - next week is Lucy's 2nd birthday (how is this happening? Where did time go?) and Michael's 6 month!!

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