Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Surprise Trip to Michigan

We were in the mid-west for a friend's wedding and were somehow, in a world of tweets and status updates, able to keep our location a secret - surprising our Michigan family with a visit! :) Amy, Brad's sister, was in on the fun helping to make sure the weekend stayed clear. We went and visited both of Brad's parents at work and surprised them there - they were SHOCKED. :) All the secrecy paid off! It was a great few days of rest and catching up - it is always so great to see family.

 Lucy and Aunt Amy playing on the computer

Computers have a way of mesmerizing both adults and kiddos! :) 

 "Where's Lucy?"

 "There she is!"

 Michael and his Great Grandma Kidder

 Michael and Great Grandma Buning - I'm so bummed the picture on the left is blurry! Something was cracking them up - so cute!

 4 Generations of Kidders 

 Playing with Cameron, Brad's cousin Megan's son. (I think that makes these kids 2nd cousins?)

 These boys are just 4 months apart! :) 

 Aunt Amy got some fun hats and Lucy had NO problem trying them on. :)

 We tried to get in a family picture, but this little lady was in a most foul mood and because of that, none of them turned out. 

I thought I'd share a few anyway just for kicks and giggles. :) 

Haha! Family pictures are always SUCH a joy! :)

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Amy Kidder said...

The last ones really funny to me!