Friday, June 29, 2012

Michael's First Rice Cereal

As seems to be tradition in our family, Michael's first rice cereal pictures are a bit blurry - but you'll get the idea. (To see Lucy's first cereal pictures, click here) :) We started Lu on cereal really early, mostly because we were excited to try something new with her! With Michael, I was going to wait until closer to six months, but our doctor recommended we start feeding him rice cereal to help with his acid reflux and to encourage weight gain - he's kinda a small boy. So we gave it a try:
 May 9th, 4 3/4 months old ;)

I had to force the first bite - he had no idea what to do with it. :} The first bite stayed down!

Ha - he was wary of it the second time around...

"Mama, what are you doing to me??"

Gotta love my face - Brad laughs at me when I feed babies because I mimic what I want them to do.

He did great! All his food stayed down! His spitting up has gotten better - due to the fact he grew out of his acid reflux or the cereal, we will never know - but he LOVES his daily bowl of rice cereal and it has helped him sleep better at night too!

Two birds with one spoon stone.  ;)

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