Monday, October 11, 2010

At least we gave it a try.....

Wow - two whole posts without pictures of Lucy! Rest assured, this post is all about Lucy, so you will get your fill. :) It has been my goal the last few weeks to take pictures of things we are doing and to update you on our lives. Now, I know that many of you use this blog to get your "Lucy fix," and granted, much of our lives includes her and all of her cuteness, but I realized that I hadn't posted anything about what we do in the Kidder house for awhile and I wanted to remedy that. This post combines the two. :)

Brad and I love to try new things - especially when it comes to food. This is something we really hope Lucy has inherited from us. We tested our hopes this last week.

While shopping at Wal-Mart, we stopped by the baby food isle to check out the rice cereal. All the boxes we saw said "for babies about 4 months."

"Well," we thought, "Lucy is 3.5 months... thats about 4 months, lets give it a try!"

So we bought some rice cereal and Lucy Lu got to have her first taste...

She was very excited about her bib! :)

"What is this mom?"

"I'm not so sure about this!"

"Interesting flavor and texture..."

(She hasn't swallowed at this point - she was rolling it around in her mouth)

I didn't know she hadn't swallowed, so I offered her more.

And it all came out....

Third times a charm?

Loving my pink spoon!

And it all comes out again....

We will try again in a week or so.... :)

Special thanks to: Aunt Amy and Kids for the bib (Hattie Rose Designs), (Aunt) Becca for the place-mat, and Grammy and Papa Addington for the hippo chair!

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Jenny said...

Ooh, she's so cute! :) I think she'll like risotto, Sarah.

Miss you so much and think of you often!