Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lucy's First Birthday Party

Don't be confused now - Lucy isn't a year old yet. But she did attend a birthday party last Saturday, this little lady is now 2:

Meet Mya Love, isn't she a doll? That blond hair is too cute! Loooovvveee the tutu!

Mya's mom - Misty has become one of my good friends here in Pampa. We have decided that Lucy and Mya are going to be life-long buddies.

The theme of the event was Hello Kitty but "Hello beautiful cake" is what I'd say! Misty did an awesome job, it not only looked wonderful but tasted delish.

Our fellowship hall at church was transformed into a party-wonderland, complete with a kids table! I'm such a big fan, I will most likely steal the idea for one of Lucy's birthdays someday.

Balloons! (For those of you who are interested - that is the kitchen, through that window, at the end of the fellowship hall.)

Daddy and Luce (I hadn't figured out the best way to put the elastic around Lucy's head yet... thus the double chin.)

Momma and Lucy - "Let's get our party on!"

This is James Bradley - the other youngin' at church, he just turned 1 and is crawlin' all over the place!

Sneaking a finger-full of icing. :)

This was Mya's favorite gift - a bike from her Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. I'm not going to lie, I got a little jealous. Her bike has a baby carrier on the back. Awesome. (I love how everyone in the above picture is looking at the Birthday girl)

Happy Birthday Mya! What a fun afternoon!

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kate said...

Cute! Glad Lucy (& her mom) are making such good friends. :)