Thursday, October 21, 2010

Golden Friendships

You know the saying/song, "Make new friends but keep the old - one is silver and the other gold?" Well, we have made some great new friends here in Pampa and have had the honor of seeing old friends too! Kim DiMartino and Colton Kilgore came to visit us a few weekends ago - two great friends from Moody. :)

Kimmy is one of my best friends from college - one of the Core4 (that's what I have decided we should be called ladies) - she was on my floor.

And this gent, Colton, was on Brad's floor! So many couples have formed between Houghton 4W and Culby 14! Me and Brad, Kim and Colton and Ashley and Jon (and that was just in a 2-6 yr span)!

They were only able to stay one night - but we were so thrilled they drove the few extra miles to swing down and see us. We are more than happy to provide a bed(s) for the night even if you are just driving through, so stop by and see us!

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