Saturday, October 9, 2010

Before and After: Lucy's Dresser

Well, we have finally finished Lucy's dresser! :) We originally thought we would wait until we had a garage to finish it - but as I was thinking through this decision, the following thoughts came to mind:
  1. It would be nice to have a garage (wind-free-zone) to finish refinishing the dresser.
  2. But we don't have a garage right now.
  3. The homes we have looked at here in Pampa will require TLC to make them "home" for us (We are not ready to purchase anything yet... but have looked at a few homes here to get a feeling for what is available). So when we move into our next home our To Do list will grow.
  4. Why build on what is going to be a long list by waiting to complete a project?
  5. Our apartment's roof deck is right off of Lucy's room - making for an easy move.
  6. I had a week with a pretty clear schedule and a short to do list = free time.

All this to say, I finished the dresser in a little under a week, but it has taken us - what? - like 5 months to get from the original product to the finished masterpiece. Phew.... that's a long time.....

To help you remember what we started with:

We removed the hardware and began sanding:

(Naked) dresser - with some of the new hardware:

Not pictured: Brad drilled new holes in each of the lower 6 drawers, making space for new hardware, in the middle.

Also not pictured: Move to Pampa.

Dresser ready for it's new coats of primer, paint and poly, (after filling old holes from old hardware):

The finished product!:

And what little girl's dresser would be complete without cute drawer liner? Lucy needed some polka-dots. Wrapping paper from Wal-Mart and double sided tape gave the dresser that final touch that took it from "functional" to "fabulous."

I am so happy that the dresser is done! It was the first piece of furniture that Brad and I have refinished (I've done lamps, candlesticks and stools before - but nothing as big as a dresser!) and we are thrilled with the results! And it's one less thing that we are going to need to do eventually when we move into a home. :)

Next up.... I need to find a mirrored vanity for Lucy's room. With all that hair, we are going to need a space to get our style on..... :)

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Rachel said...

Sarah, I love the finished product. The dresser even looks like it's smiling. :)