Thursday, October 21, 2010

3 Little Girls In The House =

Lots of PINK!

Mom and the little girls came to visit last week for a few days!

We enjoyed visiting the library (a little late for story time - my fault... it starts at 10?! - but had fun anyway!), Braums for ice cream and the park.

I LOVE this picture! I think it captures each girl so well. Lucy playing with her (pink) stuffed animals, Anna smiling with glee and Laura being creative and coloring. ;)

Not as much pink in the above picture - but I had to include it anyway! :)

Sophie did so well with the kiddos running about - I think she enjoyed the attention! I didn't grow up with pets - and my parents still have a pet-free home, but Anna and Laura did really well learning about how to act around a dog. We talked about dog's tails and how they tell us what they are thinking - the girls were pros at the end of the visit. :)

Here is a video of Lucy and Grammy Jo - enjoy!

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