Saturday, October 2, 2010

Go Blue!!!

When we announced to family that we were expecting, we bought our parents Grandparent/Baby themed gifts - Brad's Dad received a University of Michigan baby t-shirt. (He re-gifted it back to us, since he had obviously outgrown it :) ) Last Saturday, our family got all dressed up in Michigan colors for the game. Here is our little Wolverine:

Michigan vs. Bowling Green

p.s. I really think Bowling Green should rethink their school colors - it looks strange to see the word "green" in orange....

We won! 65 to 21 (We whooped their bottoms!)

Out Takes:
Click on the above image to see the captions :)


Amy Kidder said...

I think Lucy has some serious possibility to have HUGE hair like Aunt Amy when she gets older!

Matt and Amy said...

Not a fan of Michigan right now, though I usually will cheer for them. But their win today against IU caused me to be depressed.