Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mothers Day Photo Shoot

For Christmas 2010 each of the the special moms in our lives, mothers and grandmothers recieved a 5x7 frame with a picture of Lucy. My goal is to send updated pictures of the kids once or twice a year so that these special ladies can have a somewhat-current photo of their grandkids/great grandkids. After visiting both of our moms this spring - I realized that they needed a matching frame for Michael and an updated picture of Lu girl (since I hadn't sent them a new one yet! She has changed a lot since 5 months old!). So we had a photo shoot the week before Mothers Day and got some fun pictures of the kiddos. :) Here are my favorites. 

I think these pictures capture Lucy's personality so well. Energetic and so full of expression - it was a GOOD picture day for Lu girl. :) 

You can see how LONG her hair is in some of these - other than her bangs, she's never had it cut... 

Thanks to Grandma Lori for the outfit - it's one of my favorites!

 "What's this Mommy?" (This is the picture of Lu we decided to send)

 Her hair has gotten SO light! 

 A girl on a mission. 


 Love this one. 

 And this one...

 Oh, and this one too! :) 

 Sweet giggles. 

 So happy. 

 I think it's neat how you can see a reflection of me in her eyes. Her dark brown eyes.... they still make my heart happy. really happy. 

Ok, Michael's turn! 
 He was pretty mellow this day, so no huge grins - but he was happy and cheerful, and that was great! (This was the photo we sent of Michael)

 We are hoping to one day have a child with lighter eyes - but every time I look at Michael's I think, "I'd be so happy if all our kids had your eyes little man."

 A little raspberry action. :) 

 We went next door to our neighbor's house to borrow some of their shade under a big tree. Also they have much prettier grass than we do. ;)

Oh, I could kiss those cheeks all. day. long! 

Since Michael holds still he didn't get as many pictures taken as Lucy - I'm not partial to one child over the other. I promise :)

I love my kiddos - it is so special to have nice pictures of them to remember these stages! How do you keep far-away family updated with photos of your kids?

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