Monday, July 2, 2012

Plaid Short Day

Due to the fact that I have a son and a daughter - my kids can't match very often but I often have them coordinate. Why? No other reason than I think it is adorable. :)    

Example: Plaid Short Day

I didn't anticipate Lucy being such a camera-disliker.  We are working on it.  Michael, for now - will still look when I call his name but Lucy.... oh man.... she becomes very engrossed in her current activity and will not look my direction. I'm hoping it is just a stage.

Michael LOVES his sister - he loves watching her play, he loves it when she talks to him, he loves it when she sings to him. And for the most part, she does really well with him. :)

I did say for the most part.... we don't usually encourage the eating of feet. :)

I think plaid shorts are pretty cute... what about you?

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