Sunday, July 1, 2012

Five Months

 5 Month Accomplishments:
  • Rice Cereal! See previous post for details. :) 
  • Rolling like cRaZy. If rolling was a sport in the olympics, Michael could try out. He does not stay still - very different from his sister who never utalized her rolling skills to move very far - and often cries out for rescue when he gets stuck (ie. rolls into a wall or under a table). 
  • Bumbo Boy. If Michael isn't rolling around on the ground, he is in the Bumbo seat - he LOVES to be with people (such a socialite) and really enjoys sitting with us at the table in his special seat. 
  • Teeth! Michael got TWO teeth at 4 1/2 months old, two weeks sooner than his sister!
  • Laughing a lot. It doesn't take much to get this little boy to grin, let alone giggle. There were two instances this last month that I merely smiled at Michael and he laughed uncontrollably! I guess I do look silly sometimes. :)
Remember you can always click on the image to see the captions on a larger scale. :) 

To see Lucy at 5 months, click here.

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