Saturday, July 7, 2012

To My 2 Year Old Daughter

 Her first single french braid,
 Her first pig tail french braids. 

 Play Dough has been a fun activity lately - you do really well making "pancakes."

 Love the look of consentration. 

Her prompted smile.

 My little ballerina.

 Dancing with Caroline

 I love the action in this picture. 

 Dancing must build quite an appetite - because you brought Caroline quite a treat after your routine. 

 Such a fashonista.

 My helper, washing potatoes

Dear Lucy,

You are TWO. Seriously - Momma can't believe you've been in our family for two whole years. In some ways it seems like you've been with us for f.o.r.e.v.e.r, it's hard to remember what life was like when you weren't in daddy's and my life. But in other ways, it seems like we just had your first ultrasound, picked your name and brought you home from the hospital.

Lu, you are such a wonderful mix of a little person. You can be moody, you can be sweet, you can be selfish, you can share, you can cuddle, you can need your space, you can be extremely intelligent and you can do silly things.

You are NOT a morning/after nap person. You sang me parts of "you are my sunshine" the other day and made me cry. You hit Michael with a toy today, when he went to play with it. You offered some of your cake pop, your most favorite treat, to your brother saying, "Try some Michael, real good!"  You counted to 14, when I thought you could only couint to 11. You threw down your food, in defiance, when i told you to take two more bites. The other day, I had a (HUGE) zit on my face, you said, "Bubble mamma. Hurt?" When Michael is sad, you let me know and provide a solution, "Michael crying! Jumpy Seat?" The other morning you went in, while he was still sleeping and told him, "Good morning Michael, mamma get you!" You spelled your name while we were coloring yesterday, I wrote and said "L" and you said "U. C. Y!" You think all letters are Q, R or O. You are independant and definitely an oldest child.

Sweet girl. You pray every night, thanking Jesus and telling Him you love him. You request "Jesus Loves Me" often. We have a kissing routine: Cheek 1, Cheek 2, Nosies (Eskimo Kisses), Regular kiss, Forehead Kiss (which you made up - we touch foreheads). You thank Jesus every night for our friends Josh, Laura and Kaelah, Mamma and Daddy, Michael and Ellie. Some nights you mention your bed, our house and food. :) When you are struggling to go to bed, we go in and pray with you that Jesus would help you obey, you seem to be very receptive to prayer.

It is our hope that you know how much Jesus does love you and our prayer that your love for Him continues to grow.

I love you my big girl,

Your Mamma


Drew and Rachel said...

hey Sarah, first, I feel you on the last post about restoration.

second, I need a girl. that is all.

Sarah said...

Rachel, I think a little Drew-&-Rach-Family girl would be a very wonderful thing. :)

Alex N said...

The ballerina pictures warm my heart!!

Sarah said...

Alex - I'm so glad! She is loving dance of any kind lately! Too bad you don't live closer to be her private teacher. ;)