Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our little "Chef-Man"

This post is about two of our daughter's birthday gifts, a Chef Hat and Kitchen. :)

S: Who are you? 
L: I'm a Chef-Man. 
S: You're not a Chef-Woman or a Chef-Girl? 
L: No, I'm a Chef-Man

 The Chef Hat was one of her momma-made gifts. It didn't cost me any money, the green polka-dot is left over from the back of her baby quilt and the blue is remnants from the binding on Michael's quilt! :) I love projects that I can make with what I have - especially when they are so stinking cute! I still can't believe how well the fabrics match her apron! (Lucy got her apron as a baby gift from our good friend in Chicago, Jenny - it's from Anthropology!)  

Side Note: This is the second chef hat I've made, 
to see the first and for a link to the tutorial I used, click here. 

Here is a video of the first time Lucy saw her new kitchen:

The kitchen has already filled many hours with creative, imaginative play.

Birthday cakes are a specialty of our "Chef-man"

She uses her scrub brush to wash her dishes and makes "beeping" sounds for the microwave.

(Here is a mini interview I did with Lucy while looking at these pictures with her)
S: Lucy, what's your favorite thing to do in your kitchen?
L: Cook. I like to cook donuts.

S: What are you doing in this picture?
L: Toast is in the toaster. 
(It is.... the green thing on the hearth is a toaster. :) )

S: What about this picture? What are you doing here?
L: I'm playing with my silverware.
S: What kinds of silverware do you have?
L: Kinds of silverware. 

Her kitchen is well stocked, thanks to the generosity of grandparents and friends. 

I had to include this picture - mostly because of her hair! I was pretty proud of her side braid that day. It is rare when she holds still long enough for me to do her hair. I can't remember specifically, but if I had to bet - a TV show helped her sit still this day. :)

I have no idea how I captured this picture but I love it - the blurred action around Lu and the fact she is in focus. 

How her table looks most days - all the guests attending her parties get silverware, a treat and a drink  (in a mug/tea cup or a bottle). :)

Looking for a candle for the cake. It is not uncommon for me to hear, "I need help finding a candle for my cake!" :)

There - she found it! Throwing a well thought out party takes concentration! :) 


Jenny Childers said...

Aww! I can hardly believe she is big enough to wear it now! :)

Lucy looks just adorable. :) Miss you all tons.

christy said...

Please explain to me how little baby Lucy is that old already. Gah! She is adorable.

kate said...

You're kid is CUTE! Please bring her back to Dallas or maybe I should come to Pampa so I can have some donuts in Lucy's rad kitchen. (:

Sarah said...

First of all, I love that it is you three who have posted on this! Jenny - I know! She loves it and request help to tie it on often! Christy - I have no idea how she got so old! Time seriously flies. Kate - We would LOVE to have you! You are welcome ANY time. :)