Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July 2013

In keeping with our yearly tradition (check out: 2010, 2011, 2012) we took a family photo yesterday - or our good friend Michelle took it for us. :) 
I love to see the yearly change that happens in our family - I go from not pregnant to pregnant, the kids get bigger (and cuter) and my husband surprises me with shirts from Wal-Mart he thinks are funny ("I bought it with MY own petty cash!" hahaha).

I didn't think through picture-taking time very well with the kids - this was mid-morning when they were still FULL of energy and not wanting to hold still. But I got some fun wrestling shots! :) 

Plaid and Polka-dots!  

 They really do love each other.... a little too much sometimes (aka. they won't keep their hands off each other).

 This is right before Lucy tackled Michael to the ground. He knew what was coming and could. not. wait. 

Little feet, little hands, little grins. JOY. 

It was Pink, White and Blue for this girlie this year - I looked in her closet and couldn't find one speck of red, she wasn't upset about it though - so we were okay. Lucy also got a haircut about a week ago - it's a cute bob, just above her shoulders - it fits her current stage of life well (it doesn't tangle as easily as longer hair, so less tears!) but it took us a few days to get used to it! She looked SO different, and that always makes us think she's like 13 or something. :) 

 And this boy is due for a haircut soon - haha it looks so full of volume when he's laying down! :) 

After lunch, before naps we brought the kids out to experience some poppers - they loved them! Here's a video of our fun after they perfected the "throw"

We had some friends over for a low-key cook out in the evening and then enjoyed some fireworks (most were legal inside city limits) in our backyard before heading to the city's show. 
 Everything about this picture reads red-neck independence day (especially the four faces on his shirt). He loves firecrackers :) 

 Lucy trying out her first sparkler, "Hold it away from your face sweetie!" Soon after I snapped this picture she swung it down to that pile of fireworks at Brad's feet - glad he was there to quickly redirect her aim! 

 I thought Michael might be a little freaked out by the sound - but he wasn't phased (unless a firework did something none of the adults were anticipating and everyone freaked out - happened two or three times hahaha).

 Remember how blemish free Michael's face was earlier in the day? He took a spill outside with the guys while they were grilling and has a big goose egg on his forehead now. Oh well... the marks of a boy!

 You can see the length of Lucy's haircut well in this picture. :) 

Lucy's expressions while watching the Killer Bees, The Golden Fountain and the Friendship Fountain (who comes up with those names?).

After our low-budget fireworks at home, we all caravanned over to the Rodeo Grounds to watch Pampa's fireworks "show" it was a memorable experience - mostly because of who we shared it with (the fireworks show was LONG, very spaced out and thin - but the company was fabulous).

Waiting on top of the car for the show to start. :) 

I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July as much as we did! Happy Birthday USofA! 

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