Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Home, A Tour: The Kitchen

This is the room where the magic happens! 
The Kitchen

As many of you know, Brad is an amazing cook and even though I know my way around the kitchen - he does the majority of the dinner-cooking in our household.

We haven't made many changes to this kitchen since moving in, other than purchasing a refrigerator, a new dishwasher, replacing the greasy ceiling fan with a simple light fixture and painting the soffets (the same color as the upper pt of the dining room). We thought about painting the cabinets but decided it was something the next owners could tackle if they wanted to. :) 

The kids (mainly Lucy, but Michael has colored a few flash cards too) and I have been working on our ABCs - focusing on recognition and learning the letter's sounds. We've officially done A-D so far, but Lucy seems to be recognizing more letters every day (Thanks to some ABC apps she has on her phone). :)

The other side of my fridge is "Mamma's side" :) displaying pictures of loved ones, my weekly chore list (which get's fully accomplished about every-other week - haha), a list of breakfast/lunch/snack options for the kids and I (it's so much easier for me to have things written down!) and some bible verses I'd like to remember throughout the day. :) 

Our sink with the into-the-living-room window - very helpful for catching snippets of the baseball game or supervising the children's play while you're in the kitchen! :) 

One of my favorite pictures of my kids - taken Easter 2012 at my sister Becca's wedding. The heart is from Bradley for Valentine's day 2011 - he knows I appreciate little "things" more than chocolate! :) 

The pretty bowl is from my sister Becca, she sent it to me from Afghanistan and I love it. I find it helpful to have a little catch-all-container close to the sink to collect all the odds and ends that find their way into the kitchen. Mine currently has chap-stick, a ghost stamp, a necklace, some change, a hair clip or two and a USB stick in it. Haha :)

That's our kitchen! :) 

Yes, there are 4 different coffee-making devices out on the counter... what can I say? When you marry a (gadget loving) barista who imparts to you a love for coffee it's bound to happen. 
  1. French Press: for the weekly, cold-pressed coffee treat 
  2. Regular Coffee Pot: used when we have groups of people over 
  3. Aero Press: we use this one every. day. SO WONDERFUL my friend. So wonderful.
  4. Espresso Machine: used when we have espresso on hand - which has been rare lately as it falls in the "special treat" category of the grocery budget 
My friends, that concludes our tour! If you'd like to see our garage you can visit this post (because it doesn't look that pretty now as we are preparing to move!). :) I hope you enjoyed the tour, I really enjoyed putting it together and documenting our home here in Pampa. One of my cousins even said she might do one in a few months! I'd love that! I love seeing other people's spaces and picturing them "doing life" in their homes! 

We've started packing! All the pictures are off the walls - making me feel like "this is really happening."  Feeling excited about this new adventure but very sad about leaving our friends here. Why is moving so bitter sweet? 

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