Saturday, July 6, 2013

Our Home, A Tour: The Dining Room

It's no secret that we love to eat together in this family. We love to cook together and eat together, just us adults and with the kids too! So we have spent a lot of time in this next room, eating (of course) but also crafting, coloring and playing with play dough! 
The Dining Room 


We hung art, painted the bottom and top portions of the walls and added our furniture.

We knew right when we painted the walls that the trim color would need to change, but the idea of painting trim was daunting for a long time! I don't know exactly why, probably because it required using a paint brush and no roller? But after painting, and repainting Lucy's dresser I learned a lot about using a paint brush and the trim needed to be painted. After tackling the trim in the living room, I felt comfortable freshening up the trim in the dining room - and now wish I would have done it eons ago. 

Another progress shot - notice how the trim is kinda a pinky/almond color? It was not white and made the top wall color look a little dirty. 
Hurray for rugs, white trim and lamps!! :) 

This room has been the most difficult room in our house to photograph. I've been frustrated both in taking these pictures and in taking pictures of the kids playing (ie. with play-dough and decorating easter eggs). The pictures turn out very orange and need a good amount of editing to make them look "real" and even then, I think the pictures look "cold" (if that makes sense). I think it's because of the orangey wood flooring and table and the fluorescent light. 

We've dreamed about replacing that fluorescent light with something like this

 Wouldn't that be loverly? ...Now I have that My Fair Lady song stuck in my head...

I got the lamps at a store called Kirkland's - they were $20 for both of them (NEW!), I couldn't have done better with thrift store lamps (the shades are the expensive part). When I repainted the trim, I took down the art from the wall and filled the hole - I'm liking the more casual, off centered look these days. 

Lucy's been sitting on this stool lately while she eats/crafts - it allows her to sit correctly (on her bottom) and rest her feet on the step. We've loved it, it's from Ikea for anyone wondering. :) 

Proof this room is difficult to photograph.... sigh. This picture does not show the true color of the lower portion of the wall, but it does show off my nice white trim. :) 

Is there anything in your house that you haven't tackled because of a tiny bit of fear?

Next up, the Kitchen! 

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