Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Home, A Tour: The Living Room

This next room is the largest in our home, and is the reason we purchased the house! 
The Living Room

Because this room is so large, I thought I'd share the changes as they've happened section by section, or wall by wall. 

North-West Corner
Before move in

Soon after move-in, after we installed the home-theater. 

After we purchased a new couch, hung curtains, removed wallpaper, and painted the walls and trim. 

With the screen up, a bit less centered on the TV. :) 

North-East Corner
Before move in

Soon after move-in

After the purchase of new a new couch. The room stayed this way for a long time - we focused our efforts on other rooms and spaces for a few years, but finally this year, soon after the New Year, I spent a week ripping down wallpaper, painting trim and painting these two walls to match the south wall (which had been painted for a while). We couldn't believe how much we were pleased with the change! It was one of those projects that took a good amount of time (the kids had a TV marathon week while I worked) but didn't cost a lot and made a HUGE change. 

After hanging curtains, wall-paper removal, paint on walls and trim. The trim was an almond color in the living room and dining room I repainted it a crisp white. I'm a HUGE fan of white trim. 

South Wall (You may remember many of these photos from this post and this one)
Soon after move-in, ripping down the wall to install a french door. 

Exposed studs!

Door removed and hole cut for french door! 

French door installed

Dry wall put up

Seams taped and mudded.

Wall painted 

Wall, windows and door trimmed out, curtains hung! ALL DONE!

The curtains are drop cloths from Home Depot that I hemmed to the correct length and added clip rings to the top. They work great, were extremely economical, are a fantastic weight and are a nice, neutral, soft touch in the room. With all that brick, I was thrilled to bring in some texture that was not hard to the touch! :) 

We LOVE our living room, and spend the majority of our time in this room. Wether we are playing with the kids, on our computers, reading, visiting with friends or watching TV - it all happens in this room, we live in here. :) 

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