Monday, July 15, 2013

Kidder Kid Conversations

We are in the midst of moving boxes around here - the walls are bare of art-work and the windows of curtains. I've worked non-stop for the past 8 hours and am now sitting for a breather before getting dinner started. I'm so thankful for my in-law's help! It's amazing what the hands of 4 adults can accomplish in a day compared to 2! Lucy had us laughing at breakfast this morning and as I added her conversation to the list I keep on my phone, I realized I had a long list going and that I should post them on here before Michael deletes my note! (Yes, that did happen two weeks ago, I may or may not have cried. Thankfully I was able to recall the majority of the conversations below because I had just read through them a few days earlier.) :) 

Lucy was playing at the park and really wanted to interact with some boys who were 8-10 years old. They kept telling her she wasn't tough enough or strong enough to play with them and then running away from her,
Lucy: "Hey guys, I'm just Lucy Jo. You don't need to be scared. I AM tough!"
After chasing and chasing and not being able to catch them, Lucy comes over to me,
Lucy (out if breath): "Mommy, I can't catch them."
Sarah: "I know sweetie, they are bigger than you and can run faster - but that's ok. You'll be big like them someday too!"
Lucy: "Okay, I'll just give them these rocks and tell them I forgive them."

Lucy: "Daddy when I grow up can I be a bird so I can fly?"

(Back story, Lucy calls passing gas, "tweeting")
Lucy: "I tweeted all over Facebook!"

While listening to music in the car as a family, daddy started to sing along,
Lucy: "Daddy! Stop singing, let the song sing all by itself."

Brad: "Ask mommy if it's time to go scoop ice cream yet!"
Lucy: "Mommy.... Ice cream?" (She had a bit of a brain cramp because she was so excited and left out a bunch of words."
Sarah: "Tell Daddy that strong men have to scoop ice cream."
Brad: "Oh! Baloney!"
Lucy: "No daddy! Not Baloney! Ice Cream!!!"

Lucy: "I wish I knew how to play ping-pong-pong."

When Lucy asks to stay up late she phrases it this way, "Can I please stay way up early?"

After an interaction with Brad in which he tells Lu that she needs to eat faster because it's past her bedtime and she needs to go to sleep, but he will have grace with her and still allow her to have her dessert. Lu exclaimed, very worried: "No daddy! Not grace! Sour patch kids!!"

This one is learned/taught but so fun all the same. Brad has taught Lucy to use this exclamation when something is too "spicy" (a term we'd rather her not use mostly because we've heard it spoken by many kids as a complaint). After a deep breath and a drink of water, Lu is to exclaim, "Oo! That was zesty!" And she does! It's amazingly adorable.

Lucy, waiting for daddy to pay for our ice cream treat, "It's so hard [to wait] I can't breathe!"

On the way home from Amarillo after picking up Grandma and Grandpa, Grandpa decided to snooze in the car, 

Lucy:"Cock-a-doodle-doo! Grandpa wake up!"

Brad and his Dad having a conversation at breakfast about stoping for breaks on the roadtrip to Michigan, 

Brad: "Stops turn into hours added onto the trip!"
Lucy: "And hours are tiring!" 

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