Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Nursery Rhyme Halloween

Ever since I saw this on Pinterest, I knew Lucy and Michael were going to be Little Bo Peep and a Sheep for Halloween.

Lucy's costume got done early, because she attended a Toy Story Costume Party but I didn't get Michael's done until his afternoon nap on October 31st! (Cutting it close? I know.....)

(I LOVE Instagram!) Her dress was a hand-me-down from a friend at church and I made her little mop cap to match. :)

 Lucy was really excited about getting dressed up and "practiced" saying trick or treat many times leading up to the "Big day."

 I realized after her nap on the 31st that Lucy didn't have a bag or bucket to collect her candy in - so we worked with what we had and covered an old ice-cream bucket in orange paper and "decorated" it with stickers. 

 She did great! Stickers have been a favorite lately. :)

Presenting! Little Bo Peep and her little Sheep! :) 

 Aren't they adorable? 

 I made Michael's hat out of an old t-shirt of Brad's and some felt (for the ears). The body is just an old stained onesie of Lucy's with cotton balls glued on - I knew it didn't need to last more than a few hours, so I didn't sew the cotton balls on. It was a FREE costume! Acctually, both of the kids costumes were free, I made Lu's hat with stuff I had on hand. Love it when that happens!

 This is what we do a lot lately.... we are working on saying words and not spitting - slowly and surely. I think we are getting better. 

Lucy did really well knocking on doors and saying "Trick or Treat!" She then told people to put the candy "In my bucket" and, after I reminded her, said "Thank you!" :) 

  We had our Community Group over for Hamburgers and then a bunch of us went trick or treating on our street. We had extra food for any adults who wanted a burger and of course lots of candy for the kiddos. :) 

 My little sheep

80% of the time, when we get in the car and drive down the street, Lucy says - "I knock on doors and say trick or treat! And get candy on Halloween. I was little Bo Peep and Michael was a Sheep!" She is determined that next year she is going to be a flower (one of her friends was a pretty pink flower) but we will see. :) 

What is your favorite costume from when you were a kid? I was a smore one year! No joke - fluffy white vest and graham cracker hat..... haha! Can you beat that?

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Drew and Rachel said...

Sarah, haha! first, I like reading the funny things Lucy (and Mike will...) say. Made me laugh, I'm sure lots of people's hearts are little lighter after reading funny innocent cute things Kidder Kids say.

second, I was totally Bo Peep and my little brother Sheep on one of our first halloweens together, around age 3 and 1.