Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ten Months

10 Month Accomplishments

  • Sitting up from "army crawl" position, this has been such a fun transition! It still catches me off guard to walk into a room and see him sitting in a different location than when I left!
  • Pulling himself up - Michael has begun pulling himself up onto his knees using baskets of toys, Lucy's play kitchen and the toy bike to help. 
  • Brushing his teeth, we have begun a dental care routine with Michael - he has 6 teeth! He is a bit cautious about the tooth brush but lets me brush his little teeth.
  • No more thumb sucking, I don't remember when this happened - but Michael stopped sucking his thumb! He still loves his "lovie" and sleeps on his tummy, covered by his quilt. He has been sleeping SO much better and I feel that he finally has a predictable routine! Phew! It took a long time to get to this point with our boy. He has phased out of his third late afternoon nap, but is taking two good naps a day.
  • Eating more table food, Michael has gotten to the point that he can eat pretty much anything that Lucy does - so helpful! The only thing we are staying away from is peanuts, but he loves ground beef, deli meat, cheese, bread, apples, green beans, carrots, mac and cheese and chicken. 
  • Taking a Bottle again! Horray! Mom and dad can go on dates and not worry about Michael eating well.  
  • Nursing 5-6 times a day, even through he is eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at the table - Michael is still nursing a ton. At this stage with Lucy, she was down to 2 or 3 times a day. I don't know if it's because Michael is a boy or what, but he's a hungry little human! 
  • Copying his sister - This can be adorable or annoying. If Lucy squeals, Michael does the same. If Lucy blows strawberries (aka spits), Michael does the same. If Lucy claps, Michael claps. If Lucy laughs, Michael laughs. (Do you get the picture?) There have been a few times that it has seemed like they were ganging up on me... oh boy. :) 
  • Dancing, Michael loves music and often dances when he hears it. His dancing is a whole body wobble and is just about the cutest thing. 

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