Saturday, November 24, 2012

Uncle Sam's Visit

My brother, Samuel, came to visit us at the beginning of October - it was such a fun visit! In addition to spending time with the kids (he's so good with them!) he also helped out at our church and another church in town with renovations!

 Uncle Sam and Lucy enjoyed time in forts.

 Lucy was supposed to be pretending to sleep... I'm pretty sure she was "snoring" when I took this pic. We will work on the closed eye thing... :)

 Lucy and Ellie showed Uncle Sam how to do puzzles...

...and Michael joined in to show him one of their favorite shows. (Any of the LeapFrog movies on Netflix, Lucy calls them her "Purple Puppy Shows")

 (Instagram Pic) Duplos were a big hit too. :)

Samuel helped Lucy name all of her baby dolls, their names were very creative "Polly" (the doll whose tag says she's 100% Polyester) and "Blondie" (the doll with blond hair) are just two examples of his genius. :) 

 Uncle Sam with his favorite niece and nephew (they are the only ones right now!) :)

 There is a special place in Samuel's heart for Michael boy - it makes me really happy. :) 

Sam's in South Carolina doing his Basic Training for the Army. Would you be praying for him that he would be a light for Jesus during these difficult weeks? 

Thanks for visiting us Sam! Our house is your house! Come visit any time. :) We love you.

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