Monday, November 26, 2012

Our 4th 2012 Trip Up North

All of our friends decided to get married in 2012, this has lead to many many road trips up north - this trip was our 4th and last scheduled trip for Andrew and Kaleigh's wedding.  

 Lucy, looking at a picture of her daddy "When he was a little boy!"

 We were able to watch a few of the Tiger's Games while in Michigan - Dad Kidder shared a few of his hats so we could all show some team spirit! :) 

Lucy had her nails painted by Aunt Amy, a very special first. (The most difficult part was getting Lucy to sit still while her nails dried!)

 We've loaded up one of our old phones with games and videos for Lucy - she calls it "my Phone" - it was SO helpful while we drove up to Michigan and back home. 

 Lucy also got her hair curled for the first time while we were visiting! Aunt Amy has the coolest hot-rollers!

 Waiting for them to cool off. 

 Taking them out!

 She had such volume!!!
 The curl stayed for maybe 30 minutes, the girl has her mom's hair! But it was really special while it lasted. 

We stopped in Cleveland Ohio on the way home to see our friends Miriam and Bogdan. Miriam asked me if I would speak to the ladies at their church so we left Michigan bright and early on Sunday morning, arrived at their church in time for service and spent the afternoon and evening with them. It was wonderful to see their ministry, their home and have a glimpse of their life. :) Even though our visit was quick, it was wonderful to catch up! 

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Miriam Bilskiy said...

what a wonderful trip :)