Saturday, November 24, 2012

Making Memories: Fall Fire Pit

We got a fire pit! It's something we've wanted for awhile, so when we saw a sale at Wal-Mart - we jumped on it! We brought it home and then Lucy and her daddy assembled it and gathered the wood.
 (Notice the ballerina slippers - they are a favorite of Lucy's these days!)

 Waiting for the fire to get started. 

 My sweet kiddos - they make me so happy! 

 Our doggies, I don't think we've introduced Belle yet - but here she is. Baxter has LOVED having a friend again, they have fun playing together. 

 As my Mother's Day gift, Brad fenced in part of our back yard so that the dogs could be contained in their side and the kids and I can have the other side. :) It has been SO nice!

 Lucy named our puppy, "Belle" and it stuck. :) She's a Lab mix and is growing into a beautiful dog!

 My teething little bud - He is so quietly observant of the world around him. 

 Brad was pointing out the lights to Lucy, but what I love about this picture is that she has her legs crossed. :) 

 No fire-pit is official unless it has been used to make SMORES!

 Lucy enjoyed her first roasted marshmallows - but wasn't too interested in the chocolate or graham crackers - she missed out! They were yummy!

 It was such a fun evening - Brad and I brought out some wine and sat and watched the fire after the kids went to bed, a great way to sit and chat about the day. :)

An Instagram pic, proving that I was there! ;)

Do you have any fun fall memories? 

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