Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

I am a blessed woman, I have three men in my life who have influenced my life as a Father and who love my kids so so well.

My Dad: 
Thanksgiving 2010, MO - Grandpa Gordy, Me, Lucy and my Dad (Papa). 

 April 2012, San Antonio TX, Michael, Anna and my Dad (Papa). 
(Pretty sure this picture was taken by Jana - so photo credit for awesomeness goes to her!)

Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you bunches! Thank you for fostering in me a love for Jesus, I'm so thankful for you. 

My Sweet Husband: 

 A daddy for the first time, with Lucy Jo - June 2011

 A daddy to a boy!! December 2012

January 2013, These three make me so happy. 

Happy Father's Day my Love - thank you for loving and leading your family so well in so many areas. I am so glad I don't "do" this parenting thing alone - thank you for being my bestest friend! 
From Lucy, "Happy Father's Day Daddy, I like to paint with you."
(In all honesty: Lu said, "Happy Birthday Daddy", first - so we had a little chat to confirm what day it is. Haha)
From Michael, "Da Da Da Roar!" 

My Father-In-Law:
June 2011, First Grand-baby - Lucy and Grandpa Wayne

February 2012, Grandpa and Michael

Happy Father's Day Dad! Can't wait to catch a Tiger's game with you this summer! :) Thank you for being willing to come help us move - we SO appreciate your support. 

When my sisters and mom were here we had a fun craft time making cards for our dads! Thanks to Pinterest we had an adorable idea (Check out the tutorial here!).

 Look at all that creativity! :)

The finished products! Laura's, Michael's (Made by me as an example and decorated inside by the boy), Lucy's (she did most of the cutting herself! So proud of her!) and Anna's! Didn't they turn out cute? 

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